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Avocado Gardening
Avocado Gardening
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Help! My avocado plant is dying and I don’t know why!

Please HELP

My avocado tree has been so so healthy but I went on a vacation and came back and he does not look good at all. The leaves are all droopy and have no energy whatsever.... (More)


Newbie with yellow/falling avocado tree leaves.

First-time newbie here:

I've received an avocado tree as a gift no so long ago (April 3rd) since I always wanted to have one (although planting it myself from scratch hehe). However, my plant has been having some problems since... (More)


Browning and "eaten" leaves


As you can see in the images below, my avocado has a lot of new foliage that looks in great shape but the older leaves are yellowing and drying. They look sick. In addition some leaves have completely missing... (More)