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Everything you want to know about AvoSeedo.ย 

Emma replied 2 years ago

New avocado grower

Hi all. I am in the UK near Lincoln and purchased my Avoceedo unit in November last year. This followed 2 unsuccessful attempts to germinate using the 'toothpick' method last year. I started my new attempt on 1 Dec 15,... (More)


Orange seed color

Hi I just put my first avocado seed in my very first avoseedo! I'm super excited, but my question is what kind of knife should I have used to peel the skin off? I used a sharp paring knife, but... (More)


Benefits I can get in Avoseedo

I like how AvoSeedo works. If I'll use your product, what benefit I can get compare to planting my avocado in a typical way?



Great Results

Our family had a little avocado growing competition: Mommy and Daddy vs. our oldest vs. our youngest. It started in September 2016, and our youngest won! So, today we committed her avocado seed to some soil in a pot. Thanks... (More)