Newbie with yellow/falling avocado tree leaves.

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Newbie with yellow/falling avocado tree leaves.

Postby haraop » Wed Apr 10, 2019 2:22 am

First-time newbie here:

I've received an avocado tree as a gift no so long ago (April 3rd) since I always wanted to have one (although planting it myself from scratch hehe). However, my plant has been having some problems since I had it. I'll list out all the information I can so it'd be easier to explain. It's a Hass plant.

- I've watered it twice since I received it (the 3rd and the 8th of April) (with tap water, my bad, and the pH in Madrid's tap water seems to be from 7 to 8,5, so it's alkaline.
- The climate here is cold these last couple of days, but I leave the window closed during the night (Madrid, going 5 Celsius to 15 these last couple of days.
- I have not used any fertilizer, but as far as I can understand, I might need an iron fertilizer due to the problem I have.

Some leaves have turned yellow and then brown. The location of these leaves was not in the bottom but in the middle of the plant, so it doesn't seem to be too much water. The first 2 leaves that were too brown are still "watery" sort to speak. They're not dry. The 2 other leaves that are also now brown ARE dry.

Reading online, I should feel that the soil around the tree is at least a bit compact when I press it and it does feel that way, so I'm not sure about watering it even more because it doesn't feel that it needs to be watered.

I've tried to notice any bug on the underside of the leaf or in the top, but I don't see anything.

And unfortunately, I don't have any external area to leave the plant because I live on a high floor.
Could it also be a change in the environment due to the different location?

I also *leave* some pictures for you to see.

Any recommendations? Thanks!


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Re: Newbie with yellow/falling avocado tree leaves.

Postby Daniel » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:24 am


thanks for the pictures. It's normal that the plant loses some leaves from time to time. For the watering, it depends on your location. In the summertime, we give it every 2 days because it's so hot here but in the winter around every week. The young avocados don't like the direct sun so much and can burn. So a bright but place with no direct sunlight would be great. You can also try to give it some fertilizer, the ones made for citrus works good.



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